1. Currently other raiders on pvp.rebootmc.com
Hello guys,

After becoming slightly bored, I have been creating servers for a bit of fun after messing around with that and I have decided that I am going to revamp the server and possibly create a network and work with the people that play to make it better than it has ever been.

This is going to require maturity and non-toxicity to be efficient, if you are not contributing in any way you will be swiftly dismissed. It's okay to not agree with someone else but you can do it in a way that doesn't start a flame war.

I want to go into every little detail with this server, for example factions features you like the most. (e.g larger fmap, uninvite).

Let's work together to make a great server and all opinions matter whether it's not wanted.

"But you quit?" - Yes, I did quit but after playing with servers I want to try something that we can do together.

I want to add that this is a bit of fun as it has always been for me regardless of any other perks that have been gained in the process, if you are onboard with this then get creating in the suggestions forum. :)

During this time we will be looking for active small, medium and larger youtubers as well as helpers for the revamp.

Make sure you are in the discord server, it's very important as many discussions about this will happen there. http://rebootmc.com/discord

- The almighty Tizakk. (Quitter).
"We have removed the spawner stacking plugin because of the issues it has caused, with this all stacked spawners go! We hope this will now balance stuff and people still with duped items will be banned without warning so we suggest that you remove them yourself ASAP."

For future announcements we suggest you join our discord server, this can be found using /discord in-game or by clicking here.
So we all know that stuff has got a bit out of hand with what can be purchased on Buycraft and we have made some mistakes which are going to be addressed right now.

What are we changing?:
  • We have removed spawner kits from the server and from the buycraft. - If you had one you are entitled to something of the equivalent value on the store. ($10-15)
  • We have removed immortal armor, pickaxe and shovel from the store.
  • Insurance has been removed from the store and will not be in later versions.
  • We have decided to merge StatTrak & Legendary StatTrak into one at a greater price.
Some of these changes will of happened already and some will happen at the start of the next map.

If you are missing something like stated above then be sure to get in touch with me and we can resolve it.

- Tizakk​

Due to a couple of issues that are out of our control we have decided to reset tomorrow once we have had time to fix these issues. We will be going live tomorrow (Sunday 18th @ 5PM).
Apologies for the delays and hope you understand, see you there! :)

To make up for the delays as many people are upset about this we have decided to add two features that have been highly requested over the years and we will also be giving everyone online a DIAMOND EGG @ 6PM GMT.

We will also be extending the sale to a week, so you will get 50% off until Sunday 25th.

Thanks for understanding,
- Tizakk

Map 3 begins on Saturday 17th @ 5PM GMT
We have changed the following:
  • Economy - We have changed the economy match the earlier versions of the server this can be found here.
  • Stackable Spawners - We have decided to implement a popular plugin in the suggestions that will allow for people to stack their spawners and have smaller farms and less lag.
  • Trading - We have added trading as a highly suggested feature.
  • HeadHunting - We have completely revamped head hunting, this will include the new enchanting system which can be found here.
  • Sell wands - Do to the amount these ruin the economy they have been limited to 100 per use per item. Legendary are per successful sale of a chest.
  • KoTH - We have revamped the KoTH loots as highly requested by the players.
  • Wither Raiding - We have decided to enabled wither raiding due to the fact that cannoning sucks every reset and we are yet to find a fix for it. You will also be able to use cannons but they are not very good. Enabled Sat 24th with TNT.
  • Insurance - This...
This week we still are focusing on our performance however we have done some other things.
  • We have added packs to our cosmetics. (store)
  • We have reverted all stuff cannon related to allow people to raid and are looking into this more.
  • We nearly have our very "secret" project complete, stay tuned.
  • Hopefully fixed WordEdit in the nether/end, more work on this coming soon.
  • We have added a Wiki for our server, this can be found here. This will be updated in the future with more content.
  • Fixed an issue with sell wands being able to be used in other territories.
  • Fixed an issue with a shop item buying for less than it sells for.
  • We have added a new support tickets system which should help massively with the efficiency of support. (support)
We are also working on much more, but this can't be spoken about yet. Expect some noice features soon.
This week we are focusing on optimizing our server so we have as little lag, crashes and other bad stuff as possible in the future.

  • Added Mob Stacker.for all mobs. (I know we have had some issues with this before but I seem to have worked it out, be sure to report any bugs regarding this.)
Who is dis randy?
We have been working together within the block game for many years and I have decided to call on her expertise to help with our staffing problem, so I officially give my approval for her to take over the staffing as the manager!

What does this mean exactly?
She will be managing all of the staff on the server and building a team of people that work together to make the server as best it can be.

In the next few days you will start to see changes across the staff team on the server and acquiring additional members to the singular staff member in the team.

Be sure to welcome her into her new manager position, I am sure she would appreciate it! :)

Thanks guys,
- Tizakk​
  • Not many updates this week but we are working on bigger updates to release in the coming weeks.
  • We have fixed a massive exploit within our anti-cheat to stop the server crashing. Massive thanks to XWilliam14X for bringing this to my attention.
  • Added NPCs in spawn for ease of use.
  • Introduced Legendary generations, these generations will be within the legendary items slowly over time they will become better items as the generations go up. (store)
  • Fixed /fireball command for legendary rank.
  • Fixed /top command for legendary rank.
  • Limited 30% off sale over the easter period. (store)
  • Fixed TNT alignment.
  • Added Legendary StatTrak variant. (store)
  • Fixed mining spawners in claimed land.
  • Players are now sent to spawn if they login to territory that is not theirs or their allies.
  • Shop update: Remove /sell hand/inv and replaced with a sell gui.
  • Added Sell wands and Legendary sell wands. (store)
Explosions will be enabled on Friday 17th at 8PM GMT.

We will also be releasing the use of HeadHunting at the same time so you will drop your head with a pecentage of your money on death so watch out! (This will not be for mobs.)

We are also planning weekly events to do in the near future so keep up with that as they are announced!

Edit: Due to popular demand, we are now allowing players to login with 4 alts + main per player.

Thanks for the recent support, it means a lot and makes my job much easier and enjoyable.
- Tizakk​